Osprey Ranch

Osprey Ranch is a vast 600 acre mountain ranch community on the frontier of four-season recreation. Bordered by 10,000 acres of national forest in Eden, Utah. 67 ranches lay claim to the mountainside above Pineview Lake’s northwestern shores. Osprey Ranch offers deserved rough-hewn majesty enriched by tempered mountain beauty and adventure.

4.9% Seller Financing

40% Down
4.9% Annual Percentage Rate
2 Year Balloon

Available on qualified ranches. Subject to change without notice.

Call 385-600-6155 for more details and to learn more.

Open for
Winter Play*

Enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, hiking fat-biking, and any non-motorized recreation on our groomed trails. If you love your winter experience consider making Osprey Ranch your home by booking a private snowcat tour. Call 385-600-6155.

*Use at your own discretion. Motorized recreation is prohibited. Osprey Ranch and affiliated parties are not liable for the safety of individuals on the property and does not guarantee winter maintenance.

The Mountain Life

Summer Recreation

Set amongst serene views of the Wasatch and Monte Cristo ranges, the lake, mountains, and valley floor are rich with 4-season recreation. Whether it is spending the day on one of Pineview’s many sandy beaches, enjoying the boat life, or exploring the 10,000 acres of neighboring forest service via horseback, Osprey Ranch residents will truly relish in mountain serenity.

Winter Recreation

While Park City is frequently commended as Utah’s skiing destination, Ogden Valley (Eden, Huntsville, and Liberty, UT) is the best-kept secret around, and the locals strive to keep it that way.

Eden is home to two ski resorts, Nordic Valley: the budget-friendly family resort, and Powder Mountain: a giant, back-country-esque ski destination. Powder Mountain exceeds over 500 inches of snow each year with over 8,000 skiable acres. The best part about the resort is that it caps single day passes, so it’s never crowded like its southern counterparts in Park City.

Snowbasin Ski Resort, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics, is just a short drive away in Huntsville, Utah. Heed caution. With 3 amazing resorts all within a 30-minute drive, this unique mountain town will turn the hobby skier into a ski-junkie in no time.



  1. Powder Mountain Resort
    8.5 miles ≈ 14 min
  2. Wolf Creek Resort
    3 miles ≈ 5 min
  3. Nordic Valley Ski Resort
    4.1 miles ≈ 7 min
  4. Pineview Lake
    1.8 miles ≈ 3 min
  5. Snowbasin Ski Resort
    13.5 miles ≈ 17 min


  • Ogden City
    11.5 mi ≈ 21 min
  • Ogden Regional Airport
    15.2 mi ≈ 31 min
  • SLC International Airport
    46.9 miles ≈ 59 min
  • Salt Lake City
    45.1 miles ≈ 59 min
  • Park City
    71 miles ≈ 75 min

Bird’s-Eye View

East Ranch Flyby

Phase 1 flyby of Osprey Ranch and the surrounding beauty.

Mountain Views

Flyover Osprey Ranch and marvel at mountain views and wide open serenity.

Lake Views

Flyover Osprey Ranch and marvel at the lake views and scenic beauty.

Plats & Pricing


Early Reservations

(Expires March 8)

  • Anticipate recording in June 2022
  • $100K Down with Reservation Agreement (Held in Escrow by Title)
  • 20% Off List Price
  • Must Close within 30 Days of Subdivision Recording

1031 Opportunities

  • Limited Unencumbered Parcels to ID for 1031 Exchange (Needs to be ID’d within 45 Days from Sale of Previous Property)
  • Switch to Selected Ranch after Recording (Osprey Pays all Transaction Fees for Second Transaction)
  • A Maximum of 180 Days from Sale of Previous Property to Finalize Transaction

Investor Pre-Purchase

  • Ranches 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 17, 21, 27, 28
  • List Prices $1,600,000 to $1,700,000
  • Pay in Full January 20, 2022 to Osprey Ranch LLC to use for Development
  • Price Drops to $1M
  • Receive Clear Title Once Recorded (Estimated Spring 2022)
  • Transaction Structured as Loan to Development Co. with Promissory Note & Trust Deed behind Land and Construction Money until Recording. Note is Due in 36 Months if Recording is Delayed with 5% Interest
  • Offering Available until 5 Ranches are Taken
  • 3% BAC Paid January 20, 2022


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