Who will be providing culinary water?
Nordic Mountain Water.

What are the estimated HOA fees?

What is included in the HOA?
Common area, trails, and ponds upkeep.

Is natural gas stubbed?

Is power stubbed?

Who will maintain the road?
Weber County.

What is the architectural character of the homes?
Mountain Ranch.

What are the minimum square footage requirements?
4000 Feet.

May you use your own builder?

Is there an Architectural Control Committee in place?

Is there a time frame to build once a lot is purchased?

How much time is allowed to complete the home once it is started?
2 Years.

How much time before landscaping needs to be finished?
1 year after home completion.

Are RV’s/Boats allowed to be stored outside?
Yes, but must be screened from the view of all roadways and other homes.

Can the garage doors face the road?

Can you build an additional outbuilding?

Are there any restrictions on backyard amenities?
No, but must be approved by DRB.

Are fences allowed?
Yes. There will be a community fence design that must be used.

Are chickens allowed?

Is livestock allowed (cows/horses/goats, etc)?
Horses, goats, and llamas are permitted. Quantity will be determined based on property size. Cattle will not be permitted.

Are vacation rentals allowed?
Nightly rentals are not permitted.

When will the lots be ready to build on?
Fall 2022.

What is the acreage range for phase 1 ranches?
Acreage ranges from 3 to 18.82 acres per ranch in phase 1.

Are internal trails motorized?
No. Internal trails are non-motorized.